Tom Holmén


"Find opportunities, gather information, analyze, decide, reconsider if necessary."

Västanfjärd has been my home for the past six years.

My mother was born in Gräggnäs and my paternal great-grandfather in Dalkarby, so I am a kind of re-settler to Kimito Island.
When I was one year old, my parents moved to Sweden, and then further out into the world. So I came to live and go to school in many different communities, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Brazil, to name a few.

I got my degree in Computer Science in the US in 1972 and then started working for LM Ericsson in Sweden, Mexico, Australia, Canada, USA, and most recently in India. From working initially with software troubleshooting, the tasks developed over time towards internal consulting, finance and human resource related tasks.

After six wonderful years as a retiree in Västanfjärd, I now want to use my experience for something more for Kimitoön than to build and paint and clean on talko (local community work), play summer theatre and volunteer at the local library.

Name: Tom Holmén
Year of birth: 1950
Municipality: Kimitoön
Town: Västanfjärd
Title: Retired
Phone: +358449475436

Important political topics

Healthy residents

When children, young, adults and the elderly, locals and new arrivals, all feel good and are happy, then society works. The responsibility of politicians is to ensure that all have their needs met for health, education, culture etc, within the financial framework we have.

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Climate-smart municipality

If the earth's climate and the environment are damaged too much then everything else becomes secondary. Our responsibility at Kimito Island is to show that we can provide climate-smart infrastructure and services to our residents and visitors as an example for other municipalities, regions and countries.

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A senior-friendly society

Seniors are a growth area in Finland and we should invest in attracting more senior people to Kimito Island in order to get a critical mass that enables a local service infrastructure and local jobs considering the future health reform.

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