Tobias Liljeström


Well im a 23 year old born and raised right here in Sibbo.
I have always been interested in politics and political questions, especially the ones that does not have an instant right nor wrong answer but the ones that require argument and discussion.

I have been studying healthcare for 7 years, first 3 to become a nurse practisioner and now about to finish my bachelors in nursing.

Name: Tobias Liljeström
Year of birth: 1998
Municipality: Sipoo
Town: Hertsby, Sibbo

Important political topics

Climate-smart municipality

Sibbo and its inhabitants have always had nature close to its hearts.
This must be defended and acknowledged in every decision thats made.

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Equality is one of the bigger questions we face as a society today.
All people are equal, therefor they should all be seen as equal in the eyes of the law.
No matter religion, belief or political views.

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Young people's well-being

Due to my schooling and education i have seen the need for a better healthcare system and more social help especially amongst the younger generation as in a few years they will be the current generation.

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