Ida Thomsen


"Together we make Pori open and good place to live now and in the future."

I am a 36-year-old mother and engineer, who doesn´t speak for Mandatory Swedish, but encourage everyone to explore the opportunities of bilingualism.

Industry, Environment and Learning are things I have education, experience and insight into. There is a lot of potential in Pori and it´s good to live here - I want to make sure that this continues to be the case also in the future.

Name: Ida Thomsen
Year of birth: 1984
Municipality: Pori
Town: Pori
Title: Environment and Safety Manager, M.Sc.
Phone: 0408287276

Important political topics

Entrepreneurship and employment

We need a society where stiff bureaucracy doesn´t prevent or discourage entrepreneurship. Pori must be a city where entrepreneurship and work are worthwhile. Taxation must be encouraging and legislation must support entrepreneurship.

Employment is strongly linked to the ideology of lifelong learning. A free university for Finns is a very important resource that helps us ensure the employment of talented young people in the fields they have passion to. In a constantly changing labor market, it is important to guarantee access to further education in order to re-employ. In addition, local higher education guarantees a workforce educated in particular for the needs of Satakunta's business community.

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Early childhood education

Early childhood education is very important for children’s development, social skills and learning ability. In Denmark, for example, there is a prevailing belief in the need for a child to start a day care life as soon as he or she reaches the age of 1 - based on the aspects mentioned above.

The possibility of quality early childhood education brings flexibility to reconciling family and work and, on the other hand, strengthens the position of women in working life.

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A pioneer in climate and the environment

Global warming is a fact and each of us must work to ensure that our children and grandchildren are able to enjoy the planet as it is now.

A climate-intelligent municipality is possible when e.g.
- we increase the amount of charging stations for electric cars and the number of refueling points for biogas cars.
- we support upgrading detached houses to be more energy efficient.
- we develop the traffic infrastructure so that the light traffic lanes enable smooth cycling and a true viable alternative to commuting.
- we upgrade the public transport to a modern and profitable level.

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