Ted Saari

"Hard and consistent work always pays off, never give up but look for new ways forward!"

My name is Ted Saari and I´m 44 years old, born in Monäs, Nykarleby. My family consists of Patricia and our children Milton, Estelle and Melker and the dog Selma. I have worked with sales and marketing throughout my entire professional life, the last 10 years at Mirka. My hobbies are exercise of all kinds, as a bench athlete I like to watch ice hockey or any other team sport. I have been a member of the city council in Nykarleby for 3 periods, so municipal administration is nothing new. In the last couple of years I have lived abroad in China and it has been a very interesting and learning journey in many ways. Now I am really looking forward to my return to Nykarleby and especially Monäs where I prefer to spend all my leisure time.

Name: Ted Saari
Year of birth: 1976
Municipality: Nykarleby
Town: Nykarleby
Title: General Manager
Email: ted.saari@nykarleby.fi
Phone: 0406704850

Important political topics

A senior-friendly society

We have a responsibility to take care of our elderly with respect and gratitude for all they have done for us. We must ensure that the service they need is nearby so that it feels safe and secure to age in Nykarleby.

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Young people's well-being

I want all children and young people in Nykarleby to have an active and meaningful leisure time in safe environments where they are part of the community. A place where they can both be seen and heard and feel themselves understood and appreciated. The city must secure and support the associations in this important work.

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Entrepreneurship and employment

Nykarleby has to offer a convenient and worry-free life for the working people and enable a business friendly environment for both small and large companies in the city as on the countryside. We need functioning infrastructure and a service-oriented administration to give companies the opportunity to establish themselves and grow in our city.

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