Byoma Tamrakar


"I am committed to promoting diversity and the integration of immigrants at all levels of Finnish society. I truly believe there can be UNITY in DIVERSITY."

Although I am not from Finland (I grew up in Nepal), this country has been my home for the past 29 years. I am married to a Finn and have raised my daughter to become a strong woman in Finland. I have Master's Degree in Communication(VTM) from University of Helsinki and have 36 years of professional experience in business and academic sectors, both in Nepal and Finland.

I believe Finnish society is at its best when we all have an opportunity to take part in it. I want to make sure that Helsinki provides equal opportunities, participation and access for all its residents regardless of race, gender, nationality, religion, language or sexual orientation.

We all benefit when all of us are able to contribute. I have worked hard to make sure this vision becomes a reality. For the past four years, I have been a deputy counselor of the city council and a member of the “Non-Discrimination Commission” of the city. In the Commission we have strived to further implement non-discrimination in all of Helsinki’s activities and services. Throughout my time in Finland I have been active in discussing issues of immigration and integration. I have had the privilege of working as the Chairperson for Multicultural Finland Organization, which was established by RKP.

Name: Byoma Tamrakar
Year of birth: 1964
Municipality: Helsinki
Town: Helsinki
Title: HR Professional
Phone: 040 722 7491
Member in:

Important political topics


I will strive to promote equal opportunities in job markets. To achieve this, I’d focus on non-discriminatory recruiting processes, interviewing processes, merit based career advancement, and training and skill development for immigrants.

I will fight for significant immigrant representation in decision making roles in order to ensure the issues that affect their lives get a voice at decision-making levels.

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