Eliott Tallqvist


"A Helsinki where nothing is thrown away."

I’m a fifth-year master’s student at Hanken School of Economics, majoring in entrepreneurship and management. I was raised in Kulosaari, which has given me a passion for nature in an urban environment. In my Helsinki, I want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle without depleting nature’s scarce resources.

During my studies, I’ve focused on sustainable solutions in the business sector. We must become better at reducing, reusing, and recycling material, for example, household waste and textile waste. Therefore, I want to see increased opportunities to recycle and reuse.

My vision for Helsinki of tomorrow is a city where nothing is thrown away!

Name: Eliott Tallqvist
Year of birth: 1995
Municipality: Helsinki
Town: Helsinki
Title: Student, B.Sc. Economics and Business Administration
Email: etallqvist@gmail.com
Member in:

Important political topics

A pioneer in climate and the environment

In my opinion, Helsinki should support the environment through increased investments in sustainable solutions in construction, food and public transport. Currently, these three areas stand for a large portion of the waste which the cities produce. Helsinki can become a leader among sustainable cities, by minimizing food waste, reducing the need for heavily polluting means of transportation, and increased investments in sustainable construction.

During the coming years, I want to see higher recycling levels in households. This will be accomplished by introducing economic incentives for unsorted waste.

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Public transport

In Helsinki, I want to see a public transport system that is accessible, efficient, and priced fairly. The goal is to have public transport as the natural first-choice option when it comes to mobility in Helsinki. To achieve climate neutrality by 2030, the city must strive for a transition from fossil fuels to more environmentally friendly options. For example, electricity or biogas.

Additionally, I want to see increased opportunities for using bicycles in Helsinki. As an avid user of city bikes, I want to have the possibility to use them during the whole year.

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Well-run economy and business

Helsinki should strive for a transition from a linear economy into a circular economy. The city supports innovative solutions that help the city in its mission for a sustainable economy by acting as a supporting actor for the business sector. For example, the city can support business models in the sharing economy by reserving parking space for rental cars. The average European car stands still for 92% of its life-time, according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. By offering this solution, the city can decrease the inefficient use of resources.

Moreover, my Helsinki strives for a collaboration between key stakeholders such as the public- and private sector, and universities. Since, one actor alone can’t handle the complex reverse supply chain which a circular economy requires.

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