Elin Svedman


"Närpes, a town for everyone - regardless of age, language or background"

My name is Elin, I'm 21 years old, born and raised in Gottböle, Närpes. Right now I'm studying culture management in Helsinki and I enjoy living in the capital but I often long for the countryside and my hometown. When I don't study or do politics I like to operate in associations which gives me much motivation in the everyday life. I also like spending my time on music, dance and theater.

I have been active in the youth council for a couple of years now and want to take the next step in politics and come forward as a candidate in this election. You can read my most important political topics below.

Name: Elin Svedman
Year of birth: 2000
Municipality: Närpes
Town: Närpes
Title: Culture management student
Email: elin.svedman@gmail.com
Phone: 050 5658390
Member in:

Important political topics