Suvi-Kanerva Koivusalo


"Let’s build an entrepreneur-friendly and culturally rich Helsinki where events, education, and internationality are highly valued."

I’m originally from Tampere (known as the Manchester of Finland) and moved to Helsinki over 20 years ago. Through the years I’ve had the chance of working or studying abroad in places like the US, the UK, Argentina, Spain, and France. The experience of living abroad has obviously left a mark on me. I’ve grown to look at the world and its people with curious and friendly eyes. At the same time, I’ve noticed my affection for the Finnish culture and I’m proud of how safe and equal Helsinki is as a city.

Micro-entrepreneurs are the foundation

I work as a solopreneur and coach people in international organizations about collaboration, creativity, and communication skills. Helsinki supports entrepreneurship in many ways (e.g. NewCo) and I want to continue building a city that’s great for small companies. I fully support developing Helsinki start-up circles and helping international talent to obtain working visas faster and easier (as much as it’s possible at the city level).

Events and culture create our identity

In addition to my corporate coaching work, I work as an actor and presenter. Hence all kinds of city events are very close to my heart. I want to bring to the city council more understanding and know-how from the perspective of artists and event workers. Helsinki should invest in a diverse set of events and ensure opportunities for different art and culture operators in the city. Flexible event spaces and e.g. clearer and more agile grant systems are some of the key factors in this field.

Education is key

Education is also one of my long-time passions and I could talk about it forever. As a nation, our strength is top-level education starting from early childhood. Daycare should be available close to people’s homes and teachers at all schooling levels should have enough resources to do their job well. By supporting comprehensive education for all and developing everyone’s understanding and skills, we create a city full of inhabitants prepared to live and act in the complex and quickly changing world. A good education opens doors, creates opportunities, and supports everyone’s well-being.

Name: Suvi-Kanerva Koivusalo
Year of birth: 1986
Municipality: Helsinki
Town: Helsinki
Title: Entrepreneur, Actor and Corporate Coach (MSc Intl Business Comms)

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