Suraindran Kamalakanan


"Creating Beauty, Peace, Prosperity and Greatness with SFP."

I was formerly an expert with Nokia Corporation Treasury Team in Finland for 6 years specializing in Risk Financing and Corporate Insurance with direct dealings with London Market. Over the last 20 years, I have served leadership positions across various sectors within the Financial Services arena across a broad spectrum of functional areas and geographies within Asia, Finland and United Kingdom. I also have been involved in Finnish Politics since 2014. I am also a Novelist and a Yoga instructor.

Name: Suraindran Kamalakanan
Year of birth: 1973
Municipality: Kuopio
Town: Kuopio
Title: Financial Advisor, Novelist and MBA International Banking Student
Phone: 0402596844

Important political topics

The world’s most child-friendly country

I have chosen the worlds most child friendly country because I truly believe in Childrens Rights and it must be in line with the UN Convention, I dont think we have reached that level yet when it comes to Parental rights and Childrens rights but these are basic human rights that needs to be adhered to within EU so lets work towards this goal.

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In terms of equality and discrimination, I will fight against discrimination through out the society of Kuopio for every group. I myself came to the Finland as a immigrant so I have pledged to fight for every child and adult immigrants from every nationality and background and ensure that he or she is free from discrimination once I am elected to the Kuopio municipal.

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