Eva-Maria Strömsholm


I am a positive and active woman under the age of 40. I am passionate about the patient's rights, good care, the right to equal care wherever you live.
As a nurse and cancernurse, I meet different people every day, a good treatment is important in healthcare but at least as important is to listen to the patient and provide time and security for them.
It is also important for me to be able to spend time in the forest and at sea, to be near the nature. To recharge my batteries, I do long forest walks, it is a good therapy to recover after my various assignments.
During four years I have been as a substitute at the council of Vaasa, I have been involved in a lot and learned a lot about various political issues both local but also in Finland. I am a regular member of the committee for education and teaching.
I want to work for education and well-being, but also invest in Vaasa becoming a city where everyone wants to live and feels good. In order for children and young people to feel good, measures are now needed, preventive measures. Early childhood education has been strained for several years and I will work to increase the number of assistants in early childhood education but also in school. For the elderly population living with a memory disorder, the activities of the various memory associations should be strengthened so that patients can have the important activities they need, but also the relatives a breathing break in everyday life.
I am an elected board member of the Ostrobothnia Cancer Society and the delegation of the Finnish Cancer Society.
In the spring of 2020, I co-founded, and am vice chairman of, Gynecological Cancer Patients in Finland rf, which is a patient association for women with some form of gynecological cancer.
I am a patient representative in the European EURACAN rare gynecological cancer domain. I am also part of the European Cancer Organizations HPV Network and Quality of life Network.

Name: Eva-Maria Strömsholm
Year of birth: 1981
Municipality: Vaasa
Town: Vaasa
Title: Nurse, cancernurse, teacher and masters degree in developmental psychology
Email: evamaria.stromsholm@gmail.com
www: http://eva-mariastromsholmsfpvasa.simplesite.com/
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