Sonja Rodén


"Promoting a healthy Vaasa"

Born and raised in Vaasa and as long as I can remember, I have shown interest in societal issues and fought injustices. My educational background is a masters degree in political science and I am at the moment pursuing another degree in economics. I work with communications related to the health and social service reform in Ostrobothnia. In general, I enjoy sports of all kinds and taking part in cultural experiences. My days are at the moment mostly filled with running and longing for theatre. I appreciate books, photographs and discussions.

I want Vaasa to have healthy citizens, and this can be reached by:

- promoting mental health early on
- creating easy accessible cultural experiences
- making sure there are various and spontaneous opportunities for sports
- encouraging entrepreneurship
- collaborating over borders

This helps us to create an attractive municipality where people want to live and thrive.

Name: Sonja Rodén
Municipality: Vaasa
Town: Vaasa
Title: Project Communication Specialist
Member in:

Important political topics