Roberth Sjöström


"Together for a fantastic future in our home municipality"

My name is Roberth Sjöström, I come from a village called Norrnäs in Närpes, but in recent years I have alternated between living in Vaasa and Närpes due to studies and work.

I am educated machine and production engineer in operations and energy technology from Novia University of Applied Sciences. After completing my studies, I continued my studies for a master's degree in chemical and process engineering with the major subject energy technology at Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa.

I am a forward-thinking type who has a lot of iron in the fire, loves association life and on a daily basis I am a member of various associations, including the local department for SFP in Närpes and the local department for Svensk ungdom in southern part of Ostrobothnia. In between all association life, I try to have time to spend with my fiancée and friends as much time as possible.

My heart questions and why I am a candidate are because I want to be involved in building the Närpes of the future. A future where municipal residents have a good well-being with good service both in villages and the city center. A future where business continues to grow and expand. A municipality where young people can see their future after completing their studies.

Name: Roberth Sjöström
Year of birth: 1992
Municipality: Närpes
Town: Norrnäs
Title: Engineer/Student
Phone: 0401581706
Member in:

Important political topics

Healthy residents

All residents are important residents regardless of where you live in the municipality, age, gender or what cultural background you have. For a well-functioning municipality, all residents should be taken into account and made to feel involved in what is happening in the municipality.

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Entrepreneurship and employment

It is together with the companies that we build up the municipality. This is how we also keep employment high in our municipality. The business community is a must when it comes to a prosperous municipality with prosperous inhabitants. Without a functioning business community, a municipality cannot grow.

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Young people's well-being

I want the municipality to be appealing during the young people's entire upbringing. That the young people should feel safe and have opportunities to express themselves in different ways during their upbringing. Whether this then happens through culture, sports or something else is decided by the young people themselves, but the opportunities must exist to create a well-being among our young people.

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