Susanne Sjöblom



After more than sixty years of my life spent in various schools, first as a learner, later as a teacher enhancing the learning of others, I can sincerely say that I know the ropes. At 71 and an old age pensioner since 2 years I would still love to have a finger in developing education in Lohja. My other passion in life is society and how it works for people in different walks of life, the young, the adults, the elderly. My political party is The Swedish People's Party of Finland and it has been so by birth and by choice. For me it is not primarily a question of language although Swedish is my first language and mother tongue, but more a question of the liberal values the party stands for. This is something no other party in Finland can offer.
If I could play a part in the life of "the whining schoolboy with his satchel" all the way to the "second childishness and mere oblivion" of the old folk as a decision maker in our town I would be content and prepared to work - together!
(quotes from 'As you like it')

Name: Susanne Sjöblom
Year of birth: 1950
Municipality: Lohja
Town: Lohja
Title: Retired teacher
Phone: 0440799737

Important political topics

The best school

As a representative of a bilingual town where Swedish is the minority language I would find it essential to secure a safe educational path for students in their first language. The younger pupils need their school close by, while the older students can live with longer distances and bus transports. The children and the young at school deserve a good start in life, special support where it is required and in their own language. The best school sees the individual child, offers sensitive guidance and allows the wings to grow strong. Together, with tolerance and respect.

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When the economy shows signs of weakening and lids are placed on public spending culture often tops the cut lists. When times are hard it sounds better to secure health services than the future of the city orchestra. However, it is a mistake to see the two as rivals. The pandemic has effectively shut the doors to theatres, art galleries, concerts, hockey matches - events where we come together. Man is a flock animal and when these meetings are taken from us we feel amputated. We compensate this loss by watching streamed events on the net and thank you for those - but they can never substitute the coming together.
In isolation our mental health is under siege.

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A senior-friendly society

Senior citizens are not a uniform group that can be stamped 'oldies' and met with a pious smile and a friendly tap on the shoulder. There are perky 80-year-olds who live on their own and shovel their own snow, in need of a hearing aid perhaps, but apart from that in perfect nick. There are others who can't be helped by a simple gadget in the ear but need more substantial support. Both groups deserve to be treated as full good members of society. All seniors are entitled to care, support and medical assistance in their old age. It means money needs to be spent. It means working with a puzzle not always simple to put together. They say a civilized society is known for the way it takes care of its weak. That's where we want to be, part of a civilized society, right?

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