Susanne Siimelä


"Vantaa- My hometown!"

I was born in Vantaa and have lived here all my life. I have four already grown up children. During their youth, day care and school matters have been close to my heart as well as their hobbies. For twenty years I was active within a children's culture association, Barbakicka.
And also I was chairman of the school board for Dickursby Skola for many years.
I was also an active member of School and Home association for both Dickursby Skola and Helsinge Skola och Gymnasiuom Schools.

I have been a member several times in Svenska Sektionen, past four years as substitute member
Past four years also substitute member for Svenska Kommittén..

In my profession iI have worked in forwarding and logistics at the airport for a long time. Lately I am working in an importing and service company within the metal industry.

Name: Susanne Siimelä
Year of birth: 1964
Municipality: Vantaa
Town: Vantaa Nikinmäki
Title: Office Manager
Member in:

Important political topics