Frida Sigfrids


"A sustainable voice in Porvoo."

My name is Frida Sigfrids and I’m running for a seat in the municipal elections in Porvoo for the second time. I have chosen to candidate because I want to take part in building a sustainable and attractive Porvoo. For the last term I’ve been a deputy member of the City Council. Now I want to take the next step in municipal politics and have an impact on our shared Porvoo as a council member.

Porvoo has an extraordinary underutilized potential that I want to be part of realizing. The corona crisis has also affected the future outlook of Porvoo, but I believe that Porvoo can overcome this crisis and prevail, even stronger than before. We need an economic and ecologically sound revival with the citizens in focus. We will invest in education in the city, and on a vibrant countryside. It is through these devotions that we will carry Porvoo through the crisis and build structures that are sustainable in the long run.

Name: Frida Sigfrids
Year of birth: 1996
Municipality: Porvoo
Town: Porvoo
Title: President for the Swedish Youth of Finland
Phone: +358 40 5910874
Member in:

Important political topics

Young people's well-being

We need to reestablish a sense of comfort and security in healthcare, and especially within the elderly care. Everyone has the right to age with dignity.

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