Catherine Sid


"For a Sustainable and Innovative Future"

Dear Reader, I am Catherine Sid, Master of Science/ Research Coordinator em,, from the Universities. I was born at the Heideken Ward to a Business Environment. When I met my great husband I was also married into the Maritime Business. We have been blessed with many children and grandchildren and therefore educational questions at all levels and particularly service in Swedish is of keen interest to me.

Name: Catherine Sid
Year of birth: 1954
Municipality: Turku
Town: Turku - Åbo
Title: B,Sc., M.Sc., EMBA, part Business Executive Administration
Member in:

Important political topics

Housing and construction

We need smart solutions in building. Green values. Quality. We need sustainable construcion methods, surveillance and planning. We need more longterm materials. The balancing act will be difficult if the Sote-solution is passed.

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Well-run economy and business

If the Municipality Budget is cut down due to the Sote-reform, then we also need to dramatically improve our way of doing things. Turku-Åbo can be better in so many ways. Also in handling the Economy. We need to have full control on purchases, best quality, sustainable materials and particularly close cooperation with our experts at all the Universities in order to learn how to run smooth and sustainable Municipal Solutions.

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