Camilla Sederholm


"Grankulla - Kauniainen - a pioneer of culture and environment - Ecological city planning for future generations! "

I was just under school age when my mother decided we move to Grankulla so I would get a Swedish speaking school within a safe walking distance from home. It was a good decision. Also all my three children, two grown ups and one teenager, have grown up in Grankulla with short distances to art and sports hobbies of top level. My own family have been living in e.g. Stockholm for a few years, but I have been following Grankulla's development closely for more than 40 years now. Today it is my turn to care for my mother who never left the pleasant little town in her daily life.

I like outdoor activities in nature. Among my hobbies I could mention skiing, snowboarding, picking berries and mushrooms and painting. I am a year-round cyclist and chair of Grankulla Environmental Association. I am Executive Manager of the Natur och Miljö (Nature and Environment) Association based in Helsinki. Environment and education are my maine working experiences.

I am member of the City Council since 2007 and was recently elected chair of the City Technical Committee, where land use, city planning and most of the citys climate and environment targets are handled. I want to continue working for a more climate-friendly, attractive city where the villa culture prevails as well as a variety of nature close to living. I stand for a moderate city growth where inhabitants of all ages and backgrounds feel good and are offered high quality care, schools and ambitious city level environmental targets.

Name: Camilla Sederholm
Year of birth: 1968
Municipality: Kauniainen
Town: Kauniainen /Grankulla
Title: Master of Political Sciences, Executive Manager
Phone: 0408452975
Member in:

Important political topics