Sebastian Sid


"Denizen: for a more inclusive Turku."

-Former entrepreneur behind the S/S Bore project.
-MSc. in comparative political science with expertise in political economy, welfare questions and computer science.
-Engaged with front end- and full stack development and data analytics.

Name: Sebastian Sid
Year of birth: 1982
Municipality: Turku
Town: Turku
Title: MSc. Pol. Sci., ICT

Important political topics

Healthy residents

In order to develop Turku in a more inclusive direction, I would like to see tighter co-operation with Åbo academy's Institute for Societal Studies. By means of including, e.g. resident response in municipal deliberation, through suitable democratic innovations, it ought to be possible to actualize better interpersonal understanding, broader responsibility and engagement, a more pleasant milieu and, last but not least, better decision-making.

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The best school

Which are the challenges and possibilities faced by our education system in the near future? How will the labor market look long term and which skills and characteristics will a school-aged person need in order to survive and thrive in a constantly changing work environment in which one can no longer rely on career paths or cushy jobs?

The aforementioned queries are pertinent questions that I would like to work on further. Suffice it to say, that while a broad general education is a competitive advantage for Finland, there's surely room for some degree of personal development by aid of pedagogical tools for self-learning and autonomous interest groups. The most important aim of our education system will, however, remain to cultivate passion and know-how for creative fields of labor, intelligence and problem-solving capacity, warm social bonds, collective thinking and civic responsibility.

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A pioneer in climate and the environment

The most all-encompassing questions are those pertaining climate and milieu, emphasizing the importance of the well-being of individuals and citizens, be they in relation to sustainable development, economy or competitiveness.

We're standing at an interesting crossroads, on the one hand, presented with the choice to let fate guide us, faced with semi-dystopic future prospects, and on the other, presented with the choice to work for a future where the meaning of a good life is denatured from relating to coercion and Calvinist ideals, rather, towards relating to well-being, commitment and belief in the future. Of central importance would be to substantiate cross-border compassion and well-being for citizens of all ages, ilks and creeds.

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