Sebastian Lindgren


"With municipal politics and concrete methods, everyone will become accepted and included as a part of society. "

I first set foot in Finland in 2018 and have since remained here. There are many things I love about Turku. The architecture and the city pulse, restaurants and theaters, traditions and student traditions. Here I’ve gotten many friends and have a great life.

Before getting to where I am now I went through an integration process. I applied for jobs and went to different Finnish courses and occasional work related courses. In the process I’ve learned a lot, especially Finnish, and got jobs. I met many people who were in this process as well and I’ve heard a lot about their life and struggles to enter society.

If you vote for me in this municipal election then you vote for improvement in integration, equality and employment. I will do my best to enhance the situation for newly examined and other people that need to get their first job in concrete ways. I want to be able to give those in the integration process clearer goals for the future by mentorships or entry-jobs as an example. I am also backing and giving my full support to increased equality. I want a society where all are accepted for those they are and where everyone can participate.

Name: Sebastian Lindgren
Year of birth: 1994
Municipality: Turku
Town: Turku
Title: Software Engineer
Member in:

Important political topics

Entrepreneurship and employment

It should be easier to get into the worklife for beginners and there should be possibilities to advance your knowledge at the workplace. This would increase the competence and degree of occupation in society and help those who are just about to start their career.

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My opinion is that integration should go as smooth as possible and that information and possibilities that aid with getting into society shall be given to those who need it. Programs that help with getting a first job or mentorships could be a step in the right direction. It should also be possible to choose to integrate both in Swedish or Finnish.

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My opinion is that there should be equal opportunity and feeling of safety no matter your ethnicity, sex, or sexual preference. You should be able to be seen and heard openly and proudly in society.

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