Elina Sagne-Ollikainen


"For a people friendly Helsinki, where everyone feels appreciated and respected!"

Thank you for looking at my page!

These are my top three topics in the elections:

- Equality
- People's wellbeing
- A cozy capital with a nice buzz

So, who am I?

I am currently positioned at Arcada's Research, Development and Innovation Unit as a Specialist.

My background is senegalese and finnish-swedish. I am a quite stubborn, happy and talkative person. My mother tongue is swedish and I grew up in a small bilingual municipality in Southern Finland.

At the age of 17, I considered applying to law school, hence my interest in Human Rights. I heard, that that is not a big branch in Finland. So instead, I pursued a career as a physiotherapist, a field that I got interested in since I played handball, a fast, high injury sport. For those of you who are not familiar with this sport, it is called the national sport for Swedish-Finnish people in Finland.

After graduation I worked clinically as a physiotherapist, but then started to work for persons with intellectual disability in a national NGO, called Inclusion Finland FDUV.

Helsinki needs politicians who genuinly care about people and their wellbeing. I am your candidate for a people friendly Helsinki!

Fun fact:

The municipal elections 2021 are my second elections. I also candidated in the parliamentary elections in 2019. Seeing so many women rising up to top positions in the Finnish parliament and government, encouraged me to continue my own path within politics.

Name: Elina Sagne-Ollikainen
Year of birth: 1982
Municipality: Helsinki
Town: Helsinki
Title: Specialist, Master's Degree in Health Care and Social Services, Physiotherapist
www: https://www.elinasagneollikainen.com
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