Pertti Reinikainen


"Vaasa the pioneer of Intermediate-Finland"

I am very interested in environmental engineering and I have been lucky enough to work with the associated equipment and facilities. Now I am retired and a keen amateur fisherman.

Name: Pertti Reinikainen
Year of birth: 1950
Municipality: Vaasa
Town: Vaasa
Title: Retired
Phone: 0405825400

Important political topics

A pioneer in climate and the environment

The school must receive diverse entrepreneurship education at different stages of young people's development.There are more than 280,000 companies in Finland, but only 85,000 of them work as employers. Thus, more companies need to be employed. Anyone who wants to work should keep getting there too.

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Healthy residents

In Vaasa, all the conditions for well-being are at hand. The marine nature is clean and close, as are the elegant nearby parks and beach areas. The architecture is excellent. It can be seen from the architecture that this city has a background and exudes influence and history. Long traditions refine states from cities to communities and people. Let us not allow excessive efficiency in the current sense to ruin what has still been managed to be maintained. The urban structure is very efficient. From the place of residence is usually a 5-30 minute journey to work while going to school and evening hobbies. The infrastructure is in good condition and worked perfectly. Small challenges in public transport, but it is a problem everywhere except in the metropolitan area. Day care facilities are close by and of a high standard. Job self-sufficiency is excellent. Vaasa is a city of optimum size, isn't it? If the borders are changed, what else will change?

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