Otso Reijonen


"A strong voice from the young to everyone."

I am Otso Reijonen, an 18-year old student from Kallio Upper Secondary School in Helsinki. I am running as a candidate for the first time in my hometown Porvoo. In 2017 I was elected as a member of the Porvoo youth council, and I have served the year 2020 as the vice chairman of the council. In addition, I have represented the youth council in the finnish education section of Porvoo. In my free time, I keep myself busy with all things related to music and culture.

In Porvoo we need to listen closely to the young, as they are the ones who have to live for the longest with the decisions made. I want to be along with bringing the voice of the young forward in our town.

Name: Otso Reijonen
Year of birth: 2002
Municipality: Porvoo
Town: Porvoo
Title: Student
Email: otso.reijonen@gmail.com
Phone: +358 40 537 8153
Member in:

Important political topics

The best school

In Finland we get to enjoy the world's best education system. In Porvoo we need to ensure that everyone gets the chance to study in healthy buildings close to their home.

As a bilingual town, Porvoo has some possibilities that many other municipalities do not have. We have to use these opportunities to enhance collaboration between schools over language boundaries.

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Porvoo has excellent preconditions for culture and art, but they are yet to be fully utilized. The long, historical background of our town serves as a great foundation for a rich and active cultural field.

The culture branch has suffered severely due to the coronavirus pandemic, and therefore aiding contributions are needed to ensure the field survives. By supporting culture, we establish Porvoo as an attractive location for different culture actors.

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Young people's well-being

Our society is demanding young people to make important decisions regarding their future at a constantly lower age. The present ideal of being self-directed is easily straining to the young, who already are under a lot of pressure. We shall not leave the young by themselves.

By contributing resources into the well-being of our youth we build a safe path towards adulthood and working life through their studies. We need more precautionary support for the young, and an easy access to low-treshold mental health services.

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