Kristian Rehnström


"New energy in Vantaa"

I'm Kristian "Kalle" Rehnström and live in Seutula/Sjöskog, next to the airport. My family consists of my wife and our three children, the youngest of which still lives with us. Our dog takes care of my exercise at least twice a day.

I work in the energy sector and belong to RKP/SFP's council group as first deputy member. During this term I've worked in the Board of Education and as chairman of its Swedish section. As a member of the Board of HSL, I've been very engaged in public transport of the whole region.

I'd be happy to continue working for the citizens of Vantaa and I count on your vote.

Name: Kristian Rehnström
Year of birth: 1968
Municipality: Vantaa
Town: Seutula / Sjöskog
Title: Master of Science (Tech)
Phone: 050 453 4271
Member in:

Important political topics

Well-run economy and business

The economy of Vantaa needs to be in good chape to afford good municipal service. The city debt has increased during the past years due to corona. We need to get the jobs back to get economy back on track. It must be easy to establish new businesses in or to move a company to our city.

Vantaa is in the centre of Finnish business and we host the only international airport of the country. We need to secure good working conditions for it when economy rises again.

The municipal tax rate of Vantaa must not be higher than in the rest of the capital region. A tax increase is not an option. We want Vantaa to be a good place to live in which can attract new inhabitants. That is why we must be careful with our spending and sometimes chose between own production of services and purchase of private ones. The user can often pay a decent fee himself, but some service should be free for all.

Municipally owned companies have to reach their strategic and financial targets and give value to the city. If not, divestment is an alternative to assess. The ownership of Vantti can be discussed. The company produces food and cleaning services to many schools, kindergartens and other municipal institutions.

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A pioneer in climate and the environment

Climate and environment are affected by our daily choices. We live in houses which need energy, both heat and electricity. We can choose our electricity provider by its environmental impact. Our municipal energy company will switch from fossil fuels to sustainable. So far it looks promising.

We move around every day. To school, to work, to the store. Working municipal transportation is essential to a city. It reduces emissions and traffic. Trains are already powered by electricity and soon the buses will be too. The bus stops must be light and give shelter against rain and wind. That’s how public transportation becomes more pleasant.

The Vantaa tram is under a pre-feasibility study. The investment decision will be made in the coming four years. We cannot over-invest. If the calculations are not realistic, we can postpone the investment. Let's see how it goes.

We cannot though manage without cars. The municipality must plan for more charging stations for electric vehicles. Cars do also need parking places.

Although Vantaa is an urban city, nature is close by. This is important for the well-being of people. We need exercise outdoors, in sport arenas or running tracks. If these facilities are close by, no vehicles are needed. Local service is important.

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The best school

Good kindergartens which give safe early childhood education is a prerequisite for a good school. Kindergartens should be easy to reach and close by. The present network with both municipal and private kindergartens is a good basis to further develop. A familiar staff is a must which gives children a safe spot in their lives.

Many new schools are built in Vantaa because the city is growing rapidly. We also need to take good care of the present school buildings and keep on with their renovations. Problems with indoor air is not acceptable and has to be fixed.

The purpose of secondary school is to prepare our youth to life but also to upper secondary education or vocational training. There needs to be several choices so that each and everyone finds what interests them. Vantaa is offering a lot of opportunities both in upper secondary and vocational schools. Naturally there are also other alternatives outside the city borders.

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