Mari-Johanna Rahkala-Simberg


"For a pleasant and safe Kerava!"

I am a teacher and a researcher and a mother of two bilingual children. I work within adult basic education for immigrants. I also teach modern Greek language.

In my research work and in my work with immigrants I have learned that the most important thing in all communication is acceptance and equality.

I want to create a stable, content and happy Kerava where people have work, good health and a clean and a secure environment.

We have to invest in our children, their education and hobbies especially now as we start to rebuild our society after the coronavirus pandemic. As a municipal politician I want to secure that people in Kerava can live their everyday life smoothly and contribute to the citizens’ ability to decide on their own matters whether it be education, infrastructure, culture or economy. I want to do transparent politics that promote welfare, employment, equality and also respects ecological values. I want to strengthen the position of the Swedish language and education in Kerava.
I constantly study new things about the so-called world religions, worldviews and philosophy. Cafés, taking pictures with my phone, and having discussions with children and adults also make me happy.

Name: Mari-Johanna Rahkala-Simberg
Year of birth: 1974
Municipality: Kerava
Town: Kerava
Title: Researcher and Teacher (ThD/Vocational teacher)

Important political topics

Healthy residents

A successful social integration is a sum of many factors. A successful integration means that a person becomes employed, feels a part of the Finnish society, speaks Finnish and/or Swedish, creates relations with and shares experiences with others. In this way all cultures will be enriched, and harmony and welfare in society will increase.

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Entrepreneurship and employment

Coronavirus makes it demanding for municipalities and cities to develop and evaluate their economies. The city of Kerava has to think of economical issues critically but also courageously in investing into future generations. No cuts on education should be made. We have to make sustainable decisions, especially now, during the pandemic.

Kerava needs to find ways to balance its economy in the post-coronavirus situation. Development and investments have to be durable and support an all-embracing welfare. The local economy has to be supported, and the private entrepreneurs’ wishes have to be taken into account in order to make Kerava an entrepreneurship-friendly city.

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We have to able to be proud of living in Kerava. Kerava is a wonderful small city but it can be even nicer. I want to be a part of making Kerava a more pleasent town. The area’s architecture, greenspaces and parks should be developed further. We have to take good care of our forests. We need more spaces for hobbies and socializing. The politicians have to listen to people in order to increase their wellbeing.

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