Freja Pontán


"For a climate-friendly Helsinki, that is socially and economically sustainable."

I'm Freja Pontán, a 20-year-old medical student, born and raised in Helsinki. I running for city council because I want to see a sustainable Helsinki where everyone can prosper, and because I want to make the young people's voices heard in politics.

I have my roots in eastern and northern Helsinki, and am currently living in Meilahti. Helsinki, as a city, has always been a place I've cherished, with its "metropolitan vibe" and closeness to the sea and nature - a combination not found in many cities.

I graduated from Tölö Gymnasium's music line a while back, and my political experience consists of a parliamentary election and two active years as a member of the federal board for Swedish Youth. The main things take a stand for in politics are climate and nature, housing and mental health care.

I want to see a climate-friendly Helsinki that is also socially and economically sustainable.

Name: Freja Pontán
Year of birth: 2000
Municipality: Helsinki
Town: Helsinki
Title: Medical candidate, coronavirus contagion tracker, barista
Member in:

Important political topics

A pioneer in climate and the environment

I want Helsinki to be carbon-neutral by 2030, and I want Helsinki to be a city where we take care of the nature and biodiversity that the city has to offer. I want to see this done without blaming the individual, but by putting the responsibility on the big players who are causing the mass of the problems. It should also be as easy as possible for individuals to make climate- and environment-smart decisions.

I also want Helsinki to take responsibility for the energy we buy into the city; we are not carbon neutral if we buy tons of carbon-based energy from other cities and/or places.

Nature is to be nurtured and I want to all residents to have access to nature near their own home, both now, and in the future.

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Healthy residents

Prosperous, content individuals are needed to build a prosperous society. I want to invest in mental health care; for children, young people, adults and elders.

I want to see more resources for the schools so that they can hire more counselors and psychologists. More resources for youth work so that we can find those who need help and so that we then can help them.

I want everyone who wants help to have access to it - and this is done by making sure that there are low-threshold mental health services in the city, and that there are enough of these services. We should give residents all the best tools to for them to take care of their mental well-being.

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Housing and construction

Helsinki is a city characterized by sky-high housing costs that only continue to grow. If Helsinki is to continue to be a city with young people, families, and pensioners, we have to make sure that people with a normal salary can afford to live in Helsinki.

We must eliminate bureaucracy that stands in the way of building apartments based on the need of apartments; if we affect what kind of apartments are built, and where they are built, instead of building based on the needs of the citizens - prices will continue to grow, since the supply never catches up with the demand.

I want to live in Helsinki in the future as well, and I want you, and everyone else who wants to live in Helsinki to be able to live in Helsinki. Paying your rent or other housing costs shouldn't be impossible on a normal salary.

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