Pia-Lisa Sundell


"I will be a voice for the children - The future will be equal!"

I am working at an NGO as an expert in child welfare and childcare. Convention on the rights of the child and the best interest of the child are important and central. I will stand up for questions regarding democracy, equality, discrimination, participation, and justice.

Name: Pia-Lisa Sundell
Year of birth: 1972
Municipality: Kauniainen
Town: Kauniainen
Title: executive director
Email: pia.sundell@bvif.fi
Phone: 0405019105
Member in:

Important political topics

The world’s most child-friendly country

In a child friendly world all political decision making will regard the best interest of the child. The effects cost because of Covid-19 are drastic. The needs of children, youth and families must be prioritized.

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