Anna Oksanen


I was born and raised in Karis and currently live in Turku, where I study at the Åbo Akademi University School of Business. I have a great interest in influencing my surroundings for the better and have taken on various positions of trust over the years.

I believe that decision-making should always be based on knowledge, facts and science whenever possible. I am particularly interested in educational issues and I believe that everyone should have equal opportunities for qualitative and free education. As a former chair of the board of the Student Union of Åbo Akademi University and current chair of the committee Liberal Students, I have presented students' voices in various decision-making bodies and the public debate.

I want all individuals to have the same opportunities to realize their dreams. This can be realized by creating a more open, sustainable and prosperous society. The climate threat is one of the most important sustainability issues, but sustainability for me is very much also about economic and social sustainability. A sustainable economy is one of the essential preconditions for a functioning municipality and a foundation for social sustainability.

Name: Anna Oksanen
Year of birth: 1995
Municipality: Raseborg
Title: Master's student
Member in: