Marianne Nyqvist-Mannsén


"My mission possible: to continue to build a prosperous, safe and equal Närpes for all of us who live here"

I moved to Närpes in 1985 and have since lived here and worked as a Finnish and English teacher in Närpes högstadieskola until 2014 when I retired. I still teach occasionally as a stand-in.
I am married to Stefan and we have a grown up daughter and a grandson.

I have been an active member of the town council and town board in Närpes since 2013. During these two council terms, I have been speaking for and making several decisions that have affected the development of our town in a very positive direction.
I am still very motivated and interested in continuing as a council member and in that capacity be involved in building a prosperous, safe and equal Närpes for the wellbeing of us all who live here.

Politically I am particularly engaged in promoting issues concerning gender equality, equal treatment, inclusion and diversity on all levels in our society. Other issues that I want to continue working for are early childhood education, school and education in general.

I have been politically active in the Swedish People's party and its women's organisation, Svenska Kvinnoförbundet, for several years. I am the chairperson of Svenska Kvinnoförbundet in Närpes. I am also a member of the regional Ostrobothnian gender equality committee and a member of the party's gender equality group.

As a pensioner, I have plenty of time to engage in my municipal and regional political missions and devote myself to community involvement in various organisations.
Being a pensioner myself and being a member of Svenska Seniorer and Närpes Pensioners' local association I am familiar with questions concerning the situation of pensioners and the elderly in society.

I am an active member of the local Norden Association. I'm also a member of the local teachers' organisation. In recent years, I have also participated in the voluntary activities of aid organisations, including being a supporting person and an official representative for minor asylum seekers.

Name: Marianne Nyqvist-Mannsén
Municipality: Närpes
Phone: 0503487021
Member in:

Important political topics

The best school

We create the best school by
- securing the financial resources for the education sector so that we can continue to offer good early childhood education and a well-functioning school and teaching in safe and inspiring learning environments with qualified and motivated teachers and good access to student care services.
- investing in different ways in the teachers' and daycare staff's well-being and preserving their work motivation

Student care services must be local services:
For the well-being of our children and young people in our town it is essential that we have well-organized and easily accessible student care services to offer those who need them for various reasons.

We are starting to see the consequences of the pandemic in our schools in form of increased inequality, poorer learning outcomes and ill health. Our challenge now is to find methods and resources to respond to the specific needs for support that have arisen.

The compulsory school age is raised to 18 years from autumn 2021 and means that each student's further education after the basic education must be secured. The municipality needs to be prepared for additional costs that the reform may cause.

We need to ensure that the opportunities for upper secondary and vocational education that we have in our town are preserved and not weakened.

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In Närpes, we have come a long way in creating the formal conditions for increased gender equality and equal treatment in our town.
Närpes signed the The European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life in 2014 and the town's operational gender equality and equal treatment plan has been in use since 2016. Most of the various gender equality measures prescribed in the plan have been implemented. The plan will be revised and updated at the beginning of the new council term.

As important as having our plans and strategies in order is to consider the gender aspect in the 'practice' of all our town's services and activities. Both officials, decision-makers and residents have that responsibility.
It is really about fair treatment and about equal rights and opportunities for all. It is about inclusion, participation and respecting diversity, which is especially important to remember in a community like Närpes with many nationalities and languages. Gender equality, other forms of equality and participation are important principles to implement in all the integration work that we do in our society.

How is gender equality implemented in early childhood education, in education, in personnel policy and the municipal economy, in healthcare, in sports and leisure time activities, in business and companies, in the technical sector, among elected representatives?
Do our residents think they receive service on equal grounds?
We need to evaluate how gender equality is implemented in the town's various services and activities.
We need to assess the consequences of our decisions from a gender equality and equality point of view.
We can and we need to become even better at "this thing about equality" in our town!
In an equal community everyone is a winner!

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