Marianne Nyqvist-Mannsén

"My mission possible: to continue to build a prosperous, safe and equal Närpes for all of us who live here"

I moved to Närpes in 1985 and have since lived here and worked as a Finnish and English teacher in Närpes högstadieskola until 2014 when I retired. I still teach occasionally as a stand-in.
I am married to Stefan and we have a grown up daughter and a grandson.

I have been an active member of the town council and town board in Närpes since 2013. During these two council terms, I have been speaking for and making several decisions that have affected the development of our town in a very positive direction.
I am still very motivated and interested in continuing as a council member and in that capacity be involved in building a prosperous, safe and equal Närpes for the wellbeing of us all who live here.

As a pensioner, I have plenty of time to engage in my municipal and regional political missions and devote myself to community involvement in various organisations. I am an active member of the local Norden Association. I'm also a member of the local teachers' organisation and Närpes Pensioners' Association. In recent years, I have also participated in the voluntary activities of aid organisations, including being a supporting person and an official representative for minor asylum seekers.

I have been politically active in the Swedish People's party and its women's organisation, Svenska Kvinnoförbundet, for several years. I am the chairperson of Svenska Kvinnoförbundet in Närpes. I am also a member of the regional Ostrobothnian gender equality committee and a member of the party's gender equality group.
I am particularly engaged in promoting issues concerning gender equality, equal treatment, inclusion and diversity on all levels in our society.

Name: Marianne Nyqvist-Mannsén
Municipality: Närpes
Phone: 0503487021
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