Lars Nyberg


"The municipality is here for us, but it is also up to us to work towards bettering our living areas and conditions."

A teacher for a long time, now working as a Housing Manager. For many years already active within the church, parents associations, and the third sector at large.

Name: Lars Nyberg
Year of birth: 1965
Municipality: Turku

Important political topics

Sustainable construction

All construction and renovation must become more sustainable.
Parks must not be substituted with green roofs.
We mustn't build too densely, nor may we destroy parks or make sports opportunities more difficult through construction.

There are many extensive plans for the center of Turku, but areas outside are either ignored or forgotten. The traffic arrangements 2-6 km outside the city center are not working.

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The best school

Have been working for this for well over a decade, also as a parent's activist.

The school buildings must be adequate in every way, which isn't working now. The staff is great but needs the help of more staff in the class, in the yard, and the corridors. The teaching staff and our young people need all our support!

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Healthy residents

This requires that the contacts to all service points/all services work well in many ways, that we have a green and healthy environment, and that it is not built too densely.

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