Nina Siivola

"It is most important that Espoo is not saving in costs by reducing the number of schools or by increasing significantly the number of learners per class. The savings must be found elsewhere."

After living over two decades in several parts of Espoo, I have found myself happiest in Northern Espoo. Our bilingual family consists of my husband and our two daughters, who are now in the lower and upper primary schools.

My heart beats particularly strongly for the well-being of children and young people. Some years ago when Rödskog school's future was uncertain, I participated actively in the saving its continuation. I have been acting as the chairman of the board of school's parents association since 2018. The association arranges afternoon care, afternoon clubs and summer camps for kids of the school.

I stand for equal society and for sustainable development. The importance of work and entrepreneurship should be emphasized, as they are the key to the economic balance of our city and the whole society.

The middle and northern parts of Espoo are developing in a quick phase, as more and more people are looking for truly peaceful living close to nature - forests, lakes and beautiful landscapes. Therefore, the infrastructure and services in these areas also need developing and we who live here should be in the decision-making-process as we know the challenges and everyday-life here in the Northern Espoo.

The planning of new residential zones should be long-sighted and only sustainable energy solutions should be applied in buildings. Residential areas may need to be built densely sometimes, and especially then the environment should be planned as park-like and as green as possible. High residential buildings do not fit everywhere, and definitely not very often in the landscapes of Espoo. City planning should be sustainable in every aspect and not something that will be regretted in one or two decades.

I have gained vast experience in work life in negotiating both abroad and in Finland, and I believe that the best results are achieved by thorough study, patience and by hearing those who think differently.

Name: Nina Siivola
Year of birth: 1972
Municipality: Espoo
Town: Perusmäki
Title: Property Manager