Nina Ehrström


Born and raised in Vasa - my hometown. I have recently moved back here after 11 years in Jakobstad where I have worked as counselor and care manager at a state schoolhome. At the moment I work as a school counselor at a vocational school. Menthal health and education are important issues for me.
I come from a business family so I also have some insight in that world.
I have a M.Pol.Sc with a major in developmental psychology and I am also a workplace counselor, an organizational development consultant and
a social pedagogical horse activitie instructor.
Horses, animals and nature are my biggest hobbies.
I haven´t been politically active in the past so it´s with great curiosity and humility I stand as a candidate in this election.

Name: Nina Ehrström
Year of birth: 1981
Municipality: Vaasa
Town: Vasa

Important political topics