Anna Moberg-Jokinen


"In city's where the Swedish language is a minority we must ensure that children, adults and elderly have opportunity to early childhood education, school, hobby's and culture in their mother-language. A strong mother-language is the base for learning other languages. "

I am happy, positive and energetic person who works for ensuring the possibility to Swedish in Hyvinkää.
I work as a daycare manager in Helsinki, but i have been actively working for the Swedish language in Hyvinkää for over fourteen years. This I do by being a part of many small, Swedish speaking organisations in Hyvinkää.

Name: Anna Moberg-Jokinen
Year of birth: 1973
Municipality: Hyvinkää
Town: Hyvinkää
Title: Early childhood education manager

Important political topics

Early childhood education

Every child has the right to qualitative early childhood education in their own language (swe or fin). We must ensure that there is enough educated staff in the kindergartens and schools.

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A pioneer in climate and the environment

Environment is something that we all must take care of, together.
What children get to learn when they are small the can handle as adults. Recycling must be made easy, and the recycling places must bee kept near by where people live.

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