Marjo Miinalainen

"Warmth and love to senior citizens. Valuation and support to entrepreneurs."

I am 53 years old married and I was born in Oulu. At the moment I work part-time as a consultant in the project to recruit health care professionals from the Philippines to Finland. I also do voluntary work for the Alzheimer Society of Finland. And I am a trustee of my mother who has Alzheimer's disease.

My education among other things is eMBA. I have lived and worked in different cities of Finland and in Switzerland and in the Philippines. I have also worked on board different international cruise ships around the world. My about 25 years work experience as a supervisor of multinational teams has been rewarding and in my work I have got the opportunity to make decisions to help other people.

I am into outdoor activities, it does not matter how the weather is. We have beautiful outdoor routes in Oulu. My favorite is the route around river Oulu where there is many routes to choose.

I have always been into politics, more or less. Now it is first time for me to be a candidate. Now, because I think that with my experience I can have an influence on future of senior citizens and entrepreneurs in Oulu.

Do not hesitate to send questions via email. My e-mail address you will find from this page.

Name: Marjo Miinalainen
Year of birth: 1967
Municipality: Oulu
Town: Oulu
Title: Consultant

Important political topics

A senior-friendly society

Municipality should take care of that senior citizens can live their oldness safely and with dignity. We should find both in residency and healthcare flexible procedures taking into account each individual senior citizen as a person. We have to take this into consideration while reforming the municipalities and health care systems.

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Well-run economy and business

We need to have entrepreneurs because without entrepreneurs we do not have places to work. The municipality has to support entrepreneurs and provide them the best possible frames to operate as well as endorse new innovations.

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