Marina Bergman-Pyykkönen


"We – you and I – are Lahti. Together we build well-being!"

My heart beats for the social, for that we all, you and I together, can lead a safe and good life. Our community needs us all.
I am a very proud mother to a 16-year old teenager just taking her first steps in general upper secondary school (lukio) after finishing the basic education at Swedish school in Lahti. Our family is bilingual: we speak Finnish and Swedish in everyday life. I am concerned about all the pressure put on our youth so early in life. I want them to get all support and help they need to find their own path in life. All elderly, as well, should be able to enjoy a good life with all support they need. No one should be left alone!
As social worker and teacher and researcher of social work I am conscious of structures that pose diverse prerequisites on us. I want to influence on and change these. We also need vital businesses – and cooperation to make good use of all resources available.
I like voluntary work in associations and I strive to build communities and opportunities for participation. My family: husband, daughter and dog, is my haven. I read a lot and like to cuddle with the dog. Now I look forward to summer and flowering apple trees.

Name: Marina Bergman-Pyykkönen
Year of birth: 1965
Municipality: Lahti
Town: Lahti
Title: University teacher of social work
Member in:

Important political topics

Healthy residents

We all feel well when our municipality functions well. It is about social- and health care, about opportunities to culture and physical activities, about opportunities to study and a vital working life.

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Equality shall be self-evident in my municipality and there will be both women and men as leaders. However, equality is more than that: everybody should be able to participate on equal premises.

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Entrepreneurship and employment

Businesses and the public sector, as well as NGOs, create work. I want to work for fruitful cooperation aiming for lower unemployment and a working life with bright prospects for the future. The City of Lahti shall be a safe and exemplary employer.

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