Mari Pennanen


"For smooth every day life in Espoo, where everyone can feel good and part of society."

My name is Mari Pennanen. I live in Olari with my husband and our three children. I am the executive director for an organisation called Förbundsarenan, which is a national coalition of civil society organizations for Swedish-speaking Finns. The task of Förbundsarenan is to promote the conditions for and support the development of the civil society in Swedish speaking Finland, as a contribution to democratic social development and social welfare.

Espoo is a big city with urban centers as well as rural parts, archipelago and beautiful nature. In Espoo we can live a safe every day life. I run in this election because I am curious and see the need for different voices in society. I want Espoo to be a safe city where all inhabitants feel as part of society.

I want to focus on preventive actions and promote health. We need exercise, culture and a sense of community. Good conditions and possibilities for associations and sports clubs are necessary, as they offer possibilities for each one of us to be a part of a community and also offer a good complement to what the city can offer. Our children and youth need meaningful hobbies as well as a school with enough support in different situations.

Name: Mari Pennanen
Year of birth: 1979
Municipality: Espoo
Town: Espoo, Olari
Title: Executive director
Member in: