Madelene Linman

"For a prosperous and inclusive Vaasa where sustainability is in focus."

My name is Madelene Linman, and I am a 26-year-old student/entrepreneur living in Vaasa. I have been studying and working abroad but decided to return a couple of years ago, as I came to realize the many perks of living in this city. Perks that I would now like to help continue developing for others to enjoy as well!

For Vaasa to be a city where young people want to move and everyone can enjoy living, I want to focus on the following areas:

A strong and prosperous city center – By keeping our city center business-friendly and easy to access, we keep Vaasa attractive to both inhabitants and visitors. To do this we need to maintain good roads for biking and walking, as well as a well-functioning public transport system. For people visiting from further away we need to provide good options for parking.

Education and the business sector – Through active co-operation between the two, we can better match the future needs of businesses and make it easier for students to enter working life. For those who aren’t yet living in Vaasa, we need to make the opportunities available in education and the business sector easy to find and get access to.

Clubs and associations – It’s important that we support the work of these and the spare time activities that they offer, as they allow for people to become part of a community and broaden their social network, regardless of who they are or what language they speak.

Sustainability and climate-smart solutions – This is an important area where we all have a responsibility and role to play. I think that Vaasa should continue working to be a forerunner in sustainable development.

Name: Madelene Linman
Year of birth: 1994
Municipality: Vaasa
Town: Vaasa
Title: Master's student/entrepreneur
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