Madelene Lindqvist


"For a vibrant and equal Vörå"

I am a 32-year old mother living in Österby, Oravais. I am working as the Secretary General at Österbottens Svenska Producentförbund r.f. (ÖSP). These last few years I have been at home taking care of our familys first child. During 2021 our family will continue to grow since we are expecting our second child.

I have been an elected representative in Vörås municipality during one period. In this time I have been a member of e.g. the rural board, the board of environment and building and the West Coast supervisionbord.

Name: Madelene Lindqvist
Year of birth: 1988
Municipality: Vörå
Town: Österby
Title: Master of Science (Agriculture and Forestry)
Member in:

Important political topics

Entrepreneurship and employment

Vörå should strive to be an attractive municipality for entrepreneurs. If we do not have jobs, it is harder for people to stay or move back to Vörå. I want the municipality to be flexible for companies.

The primary industries is a very important matter for me personally. I want to work for that we in the future still have a strong agriculture and a living fur business in Vörå.

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The best school

The school must be a safe place to be in. Children need to attend a school where they have the possibility to learn new abilites, make friends and evolve to their true potential.

We need to continously invest in keeping our shools in good condition so that the staff and children can work in healthy buildings.

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I want to work for Vörå to be an equal municipality. Equality is reached through an open communication and a possibility for all members of society to get their voice heard.

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