Leena Lindholm


"A safe living environment and everyone moving"

My name is Leena Lindholm, I'm 53 years old and I was born and raised in Lovisa. Through loops and bends we moved to Kurikka, which feels like a good place to live in.

My mother tongue is Swedish, but I use Finnish on a daily basis but my English isn’t great. I am a wife, and a mother of eight, the children are aged between 10 and 27. Proudly I can say I am also a grandmother of 3.
I have made a long career in the security sector, where I was in a position of trust. My free time goes to Kurikan punttiklubi where I train olympic weightlifting, I am also a chairman and an assistant coach.
I have been an active member of harness racing for approximately 40 years. Nowadays I work as an assistant coach to my old foster horse.
I drive my motorbike actively in the summers and I am a member of the HDCF club.

My motto is fixing minority issues, a safe living environment and to get everyone moving.

Name: Leena Lindholm
Year of birth: 1968
Municipality: Kurikka
Town: Kurikka
Email: chhepot@gmail.com
Phone: 0405356858
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