Laura Jahn


"For the People"

Education is the foundation of all well-being. Helsinki must be able to provide quality education for everyone, from early childhood to higher education, regardless of where in the city they live.

Children and young people are our future. Therefore, we should give them a voice and guarantee them a safe growth environment where there is no room for discrimination and bullying.

My Helsinki is one where everyone can feel good and their voices are being heard.

Name: Laura Jahn
Year of birth: 1977
Municipality: Helsinki
Town: Ullanlinna
Title: Master of Social Sciences

Important political topics

Early childhood education

It is the city of Helsinki’s responsibility to tackle all the problems we have with our early childhood education system. It is every child’s right to get early childhood education and the place should be found near the family’s home. The situation has gotten better during the last few years but we still got a lot of work to do. One of the problems is the lack of qualified personnel. We need to make the working environment better and safer so that the children can also feel safe. We need to make the profession attractive so that we can get more new qualified workers to our early childhood education.

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Housing and construction

Living in Helsinki is very expensive. It is true that we need a lot of new small apartments, but we also need apartments for families with children, especially in Southern Helsinki. It is everyone’s right to own an apartment, but now it seems to be very difficult for many. It is hard to get a mortgage and rents are very high. It won’t be easy to find a solution but we should start by thinking what kind of Helsinki we want to have. Ordinary people have the right to live in the city centre area of Helsinki and we have to make this possible. When we plan Helsinki’s city centre, we should always keep in mind that it is a home for many people.

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I have signed an initiative that you can read here:

The city of Helsinki has to double the budget for the sports fields and halls. There is a budget for building new places, but it is not enough, since the money is being used to repair the old ones.

Also many outdoor sports fields are being used by different sport clubs so that ordinary people can't train there during afternoons and evenings. This should be fixed. There should be outdoor sports fields for everybody.

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