Mona Lanaéus


"Important with a living bilingualism!"

As an active board member of a number of associations as well as former chairmanships, I get along well with different people. I can compromise but still make things happen!
The language for me is not only for communication, it defines also identity and culture!
I like traditions such as Lucia, dancing around the Christmas tree and schnapps singing with herring and crayfish.

Name: Mona Lanaéus
Year of birth: 1955
Municipality: Vantaa
Town: Tikkurila Dickursby
Title: Retired

Important political topics

The best school

The foundation for your language is done at your home but also to a very large extent in early childhood education and school. We shall maintain the swedish school network! The support should also continue in vocational school, upper secondary school and higher education.

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A living bilingualism is important:
- Vantaa will have more language-skilled staff for all areas of activity!
- we support language bath daycare centers and schools
- swedish student exam back in finnish schools
- an equal social and health care
-integration in swedish should be a real alternative
- good service also for the elderly in swedish

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Healthy residents

- segregation shall be counteracted
- current level of taxes
- no congestion charges
- more jobs through innovative thinking
- functioning traffic connections
- diverse culture, also in swedish
- constructive ecological solutions

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