Ville Kohvakka


"Safe, clean and cosy&nice city. "

I have been member at Helsinki Police Department board and acted as a jury magistrate at Helsinki District Court since 2017. My most imporatant themes in the coming elections are safety and a well-functioning and comfortable city. Im eager to give my effort in decision making to develop a economically successful, safe and international Helsinki. I am convinced that I have lot to give for these targets.

Name: Ville Kohvakka
Year of birth: 1977
Municipality: Helsinki
Town: Helsinki
Title: Director, Economy and Society Stream KSYK

Important political topics

Entrepreneurship and employment

Developing and innovative economy creates the basis for welfare. Helsinki is the leading economic powerhouse in Finland and without suitable conditions for service sector and other businesses it can not be competitive environment for companies. I think we can use lots of economic knowledge and market economy solutions to create best solutions for attractive business environment. Helsinki needs investments so lets make sure those will also happen!

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We all need motion, sports and exercise to keep ourselves healthy and mentally well-being. Helsinki must ensure all residents, young and old have a possibility to achieve various activities. Physical and mental health go hand in hand, so I will take under my responsibility to secure the first and by that proceed in my part also the latter.

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Upper secondary school and vocational training

Education, education, education. Three most important factors to our success. We need well-functioning, innovative schools with international dimension. The best ideas usually come from grassroots level. Lets give resources and freedom to schools to create their own best practices, no matter if we are talking about lower-, upper-, or trade schools.

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