Johanna Kauppinen


"International lawyer for an international Vaasa"

I have lived in Vaasa for 15 years and I fell in love with this diverse city right away. Vaasa is a great place in which to live, work and retire; and I want to contribute to its development.

I work as legal counsel at Wärtsilä Marine business. I bring my experience in international business and and an understanding into how Vaasa is part of a global business environment when serving on the Vaasa city council and committees.

In my free time I enjoy travelling and making good food, and I am bonus mother to my partner’s two wonderful sons.

I think it is important that peaceful and mediation-minded people get involved in politics. Politicians should talk about their work with clarity and transparency. During my term in office, I want to maintain a continuous, open dialogue with residents in Vaasa – for the benefit of all of us.

Name: Johanna Kauppinen
Year of birth: 1969
Municipality: Vaasa
Town: Vaasa
Title: Managing Counsel
Phone: 046 656 6461
Member in:

Important political topics

Climate-smart municipality

In 2016, the city of Vaasa set a goal for the city to be carbon neutral by the end of 2020s. Concrete actions to support this objective must be part of all the city’s activities.

Climate change requires large and small scale decision making. In Vaasa, for example, we can ensure that the recycling of plastic, textiles and small electronics is made easy and accessible for everyone involved.

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Entrepreneurship and employment

Vaasa must have a friendly infrastructure for big and small companies alike. Vaasa competes for talented workers, not only across Finland but also with the rest of the world. We must make it easy for both entrepreneurs and employees to thrive in Vaasa.

This also means providing jobs for family members and a wide range of opportunities for education and culture.

The integration of foreign students into Finnish working life must be made easier, this is how we retain talented people in Vaasa.

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Equality is the most important value of Finnish society. All Vaasa residents must have equal opportunities for education, employment and a good life.

Non-discrimintion Act prohibits discrimination e.g. on the following grounds: age, origin, nationality, language, religion, belief, state of health, disability, sexual orientation and other personal reason. Vaasa must actively promote equality in all its activities.

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