Karl Åberg


"Ääni Kallelle ei ole tyhjä ääni. Kalle ei kaavoihin kangistu"

I´m a 54 year old farmer in Flyth. I´m married to Seija. Our son Hugo is just about to turn 8. I have 2 adult children from before. I am born in Ingå, but I have lived in Kirkkonummi for 30years 1974-2004. My mother is from Alavus and she is a finnish speaker and so is my wife. I´ve lived in the US for 2 years and during that time i studied one semester at the University of Minnesota. I´m fluent in Swedish, Finnish, English and Estonian. I run 2 farms, one in Flyth and one in Tartu. I employ 6 persons full time + sesonal workers.

Name: Karl Åberg
Year of birth: 1967
Municipality: Ingå
Town: Ingå
Title: Farmer
Email: aberg.karl@gmail.com
Phone: 0400 489 907