Ville Käldström


"Be wise - vote Ville! "

I'm a 29-year-old, eager and young man originally from Jakobstad in Ostrobothnia. I have a master’s degree in Political Science from Åbo Akademi, graduated in 2017. I have lived in Turku for almost 10 years and I want to take part in building a better tomorrow in our beautiful city. I'm very ambitious and determined. I want to develop my knowledge and be aware of what is happening around us, in Finland and in the world. Turku is a great city to live in – hopefully you feel so too.

Name: Ville Käldström
Year of birth: 1992
Municipality: Turku
Town: Turku
Title: Expert, Employment service, seafaring
Member in:

Important political topics


Since childhood sports has been important to me, maybe the most important thing. Sports increases team spirit, social interaction and above all sports is enormously important for the human body.

In the present moment there is a good supply of sports opportunities, but smaller associations can not be forgotten. Smaller associations need to get training times to a reasonable price.

Sports opportunities should constantly develop, and it should be possible to reach the absolute world elite from Turku.

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Entrepreneurship and employment

Turku should pursue to be a attractive and interesting city to work and live in. It should be clarified if today’s educations match companies' need of manpower. Precision education could be one opportunity. It is also important to involve more immigrants in work-life.

Health issues should be discussed at workplaces. It requires a change in attitudes, so that people are able and willing to stay longer in work-life.

The discussion should already start in early childhood education. Turku should pursue to be involved with preventive measures (sports, culture, theater, music, seniors etc.).

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There is no room for racism. The municipality and state should respond to immigrants’ service needs. All type of immigrants should be served: asylum seekers, quota refugees, work-based immigration.

The municipality and its' citizens should respect and take good care of each other and immigrants should be taken into work-life and social community better than before.

A broader investment in integration education is needed, including language education and professional education - they are a corner stone in a successful integration.

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