Juliane Fuchs


"I want to represent foreigners and immigrants in the City Council - for an open, inclusive and sustainable Helsinki. "

I’m a curious and driven Service Designer, project coordinator and researcher with interests in societal transformation, politics, public sector innovation, sports and languages.

I came to Helsinki and Finland for the first time in 2017 due to an Erasmus study exchange and instantly fell in love with the city - I realized soon that Helsinki is the place where I want to spend my life.

Through my candidacy, I want to show that it is possible to get involved in municipal politics even without Finnish citizenship (all EU-citizens with a home municipality in Finland can vote and run for the city council in the municipal elections, and all non-EU-citizens can do the same after two years of residence.). Secondly, I have a very deep and emotional relationship with Helsinki, and I therefore want to preserve its unique identity and make the city even more liveable and sustainable - for everyone living here, regardless of background or native language. I also want to strengthen sustainable modes of transport, e.g. through improving the cycling infrastructure and increasing public transport connections. Additionally, participation and resident-involvement should be emphasized in decision-making processes to ensure that Helsinki continues to be a place where everyone can thrive.

I have a background in Service Design and innovation in the public sector and I worked a.o. for the City of Freiburg as Service Designer, in a strategy consultancy, and for a think tank. Now I’m working as a Freelancer, with topics like smart cities, digitization, and co-creation. As I recently started my own business I now also want to support other entrepreneurs, and make Helsinki even more startup- freelancer- and entrepreneur-friendly.

In my free time I do a lot of sports: mostly weightlifting, where I’m also sitting on the board of my weightlifting club Helsingin Herakles - but also running, skiing, (winter-) swimming, hiking, sauna and cycling. Previously also football, here I played for the kansallinen liiga-team PK 35 Vantaa.

Name: Juliane Fuchs
Year of birth: 1997
Municipality: Helsinki
Town: Helsinki/Töölö
Title: Designer, Freelancer
Member in:

Important political topics

A pioneer in climate and the environment

One of the key challenges towards sustainability goals is transportation and mobility - sustainable modes of transport (such as public transport, biking, walking) should be prioritized over cars, e.g. through an improved cycling infrastructure and increased public transport connections. Helsinki should be a pioneer in the development of "Mobility as a Service"

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As an immigrant and foreigner living in Helsinki, I want to be the voice of all non-Finnish residents in Helsinki. Helsinki should be an open, international city, where integration is made easy through expanded support and services, and where it is possible to find a job or start a business without fluent Finnish skills. It should be possible to use English in all communications with public authorities, and institutions like the International House Helsinki should be strengthened.

I'm also on the core team of the #ReformMigri campaign - and even though this isn't a municipal issue I believe it is important that we foreigners are vocal about the issues we are facing on all levels of government.

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Sport and hobby services play a key role in the attractivity and life-quality of a city. Everyone should be able to afford hobbies and sports activities, and the city should increase its support for sports associations. But sport does not always happen in associations, and offerings with a low threshold such as outdoor gyms, ski tracks, (winter-) swimming places, ourtdoor gyms and football fields play a very important role in the city's sports infrastructure and should be further developed.

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