Johb Fritz Ekollo


"Let's add more value in terms of contribution to the emergence and dynamism of this beautiful city Vaasa. "

I am a doctoral candidate in the University of Vaasa in Automation Technology area, with extensive experience in the research background of thermal and spectral image analysis for the diabetic foot.

Besides, I am married and I have two children. My free time is full on the one hand with the family and the passion for music, and on the other an associative life.

As an immigrant, the passionate dream tinged with colours from the diversity of cultures offered by the beautiful city of Vaasa. Integration and social success remain the pillars of a peaceful life in order to contribute dynamically to the active life of this city.

Name: Johb Fritz Ekollo
Year of birth: 1979
Municipality: Vaasa
Town: Vaasa
Phone: 0449611533
Member in:

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This social and cultural openness is underpinned by the norm and the ideal of pure equality within the school where the weight of social destinies would be replaced by competition and the individual merits linked to equality by our social and cultural origins that mark our itinerary. Thus, equal opportunities for all for a professional career after a fulfilling school career.

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