Johannes Wilson


"For an including, thriving and prosperous urban development - together we shape the local society in Vaasa. Your vote is important!"

We all have thoughts and opinions on how our local environment should function. In our representative democracy, we need elected local politicians to form decision-making - at best I am your vote!

Vaasa is an admirable city with many opportunities! Society and politics are constantly changing - I want to be involved and influence Vaasa in the right direction. Here, I’ve listed some central themes:

- All parts of Vaasa and surrounding areas. Vaasa has a key role for the Ostrobothnia region!
- Social inclusion of both younger and older people. All individuals matter!
- Education and labor market. Investments in the needs of the future!
- Innovation and entrepreneurship. Good prerequisites for entrepreneurship!
- A good language atmosphere. Ensures we in Vaasa have a strong Swedish, as well as a functioning bilingualism and multilingualism.

At the moment, I am writing my master's thesis in political science and government focusing on young people’s democratic attitudes in Finland. After I received my bachelor's degree in international relations, I have worked with Nordic relations, assistant for the parliamentary and EU-elections 2019 in Ostrobothnia, and most recently as a parliamentary assistant to member Mikko Ollikainen within the Swedish parliamentary group.

- 2020–2021, I am secretary within the education policy committee of the party. Experiences and diverse positions of trust within various youth organizations - in Finland, the Nordic countries and Europe. Mainly youth rights and social engagement, democracy issues, social-liberal party politics and Nordic networking.

With this knowledge and experiences, I am both prepared and willing to work persistently for SFP in Vaasa and the surrounding area!

Name: Johannes Wilson
Year of birth: 1994
Municipality: Vaasa
Title: Student of political science and government (Master’s degree)
Member in:

Important political topics

The best school

We learn as long as we live - I want to be part of creating a society that invests resources and encourages continuous learning. The entire learning path has a significant impact on us individuals.

Teachers have a central role, which is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, the Covid-19 pandemic and new technological developments increase demands on teachers. Therefore, I want to ensure that teachers and also teacher students have pleasant and safe work environments.

Let us develop Vaasa into an even more attractive study city, for Swedish, Finnish and international students. It provides a great added value for the entire city!

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Well-run economy and business

Finances of the municipality must be managed responsibly from both short-term and long-term perspectives. Small, medium and large companies have all a central role in the development of society. Not to forget startup companies! We should provide the best possible conditions for trade and industry to locate and conduct business in Vaasa, which in turn creates more jobs and increases employment. It is also of importance that the municipality and public actors are good employers!

Innovation and entrepreneurship are strongly intertwined. Personally, I call myself a social entrepreneur, because I am interested in developing projects and plans that benefit our common society. Entrepreneurs' voices must be heard in the decision-making!

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Healthy residents

Equality, justice and openness are key words for a prosperous society. We must be able to guarantee that all residents receive support and help at different stages of life. One of the municipality's main tasks is to guarantee a functioning basic service. In Ostrobothnia and Vaasa, service in Swedish is a central issue for me! Investments in an active association life and a wide range of hobbies to offer are rewarding. I want to work for a prosperous Vaasa!

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