Joakim Lagerholm


"Let’s develop Espoo together, for current and coming citizens!"

I am 41-year-old family man with two children, ages 8 and 11. I have moved back to Espoo after a long stay abroad, now living in Viherlaakso since 2015.
From my background I am an engineer who has worked with electricity for almost 20 years in a multinational company.
In my free time you can find me next to the football field where my children are playing, in the summer at the cottage or out with the boat. Occasionally even on the golf course if I find the time for it.

Name: Joakim Lagerholm
Year of birth: 1980
Municipality: Espoo
Town: Viherlaakso
Title: Managing Director, B.Sc. (El.Eng.)

Important political topics

Housing and construction

I want to work with developing Espoo, taking into consideration both current and future citizens of Espoo.
High-rise buildings and dense construction planning should be concentrated in the various centers. Small house areas should be preserved.
Espoo will continue to be the obvious choice for families with children in the future.

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Children and young people's opportunities for exercise and sports should be ensured and maintained in different parts of Espoo.
A collaboration between the city, private actors and active sports clubs ensures good conditions for a healthy and prosperous Espoo.

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Climate-smart municipality

Espoo should be the climate-smart city, built on the technological know-how that already exists here. New areas such as Kera should be planned and developed towards a more self-sufficient model. Recycling and waste sorting should be made easier, e.g. HSY's experiment with multi-compartment waste containers for detached houses should be extended to the whole of Espoo.

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