Jessica Lerche


I hold a Master's degree in pedagogy and work as development manager at Luckan, an association that supports and provides community and cultural services for children and young people, new arrivals and immigrants. During my active working life, I have mainly worked in the field of education, youth and care. In my young days, I worked as Kauniainen's first “gang worker”, an important preventive work that I am proud to have been involved in designing.

I am the mother of two adult daughters. I grew up as a teenager in Kauniainen, and this is where my children were born and raised, and my parents are buried here. I have worked and been active here in associations as well as in politics (3 council terms). In my spare time, I engage in various commissions of trust and a broad range of cultural and association activities.

My focus areas are:

* Care for our children and young ones. Investing in preventive work, early intervention to counteract exclusion and loneliness.

* Care and security at all stages of our lives. I want to contribute to that we are well taken care of at times when we need extra support. Support must be offered at the earliest possible stage to minimise suffering for the individual while saving resources for the community.

* Kindergartens, schools and education of the highest quality. A good and secure environment that safeguards the energy and well-being of young people and staff. Participation of young people in decision-making must be an integrated element in both planning and implementation.

* That our elderly are treated with dignity and care, and receive good service.

* That s diverse range of leisure opportunities - associations, cultural and exercise activities - provides quality of life for all ages. That is a flagship for Kauniainen, and I want to protect that.

* That our good level of service is maintained through the availability of knowledgeable bilingual staff as well as by thriving local entrepreneurs.

* These financially challenging times require well-considered and sustainable decisions. Priority must be kept for the basic services.

* A sustainable and environmentally sound thinking needs to permeate all decisions. We must protect our green areas - we do not want to live in an asphalt jungle.

* That Kauniainen offers a vibrant centre that offers pleasant meeting places for the young and the old alike. It is everyone's responsibility to maintain our high service level by diligently using our local companies and shopping in our stores.

My special areas:

* Broad competence in the non-profit sector and the organizational field in the country.

• Preventive work that supports children and young people, anti-bullying campaigning.

• Professional project management, especially related to cross-sectoral development and fundraising (EU projects)

• Broad competence in the educational and cultural sectors based on nation-wide experience

Name: Jessica Lerche
Year of birth: 1963
Municipality: Kauniainen
Town: Kauniainen
Phone: 0503733925
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