Helen Honkasaari


"At home in Turku"

Socialliberal. Feminist. Swedish-speaking. Politician. These are some of the attributes I assign to myself.
I'm a historian from Turku who wants to partake of the discussion on what my hometown should be like. For me decision-making means asking questions when and where they are needed. In Turku we will face some tough financial decisions in the future and I want to be there to safeguard a flourishing cultural city. We need to secure a high quality education, access to services and meaningful employment and leisure time.

I'm running for the second time in the municipal elections. I'm currently a deputy member on the board of Education, and a member of the Swedish division of the board of Education. I'm also active on the board of multiculturalism in Turku.

Name: Helen Honkasaari
Year of birth: 1989
Municipality: Turku
Town: Åbo
Email: helen.honkasaari@turku.fi

Important political topics

The best school

We have several issues regarding the schools in Turku and these need to be fixed! There are several school buildings that are not healthy and safe and we need to invest in renovations and building new schools.

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We must make sure Turku remains a capital of culture in Finland. We need to support the arts and culture industries during these trying times. Culture and arts increase our wellbeing and help us deal with the challenges of our times.

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